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Using social media as a tool to enhance the business

Posted on February 9, 2016 by admin

With everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon, there is no surprise that businesses are using the continually evolving digital platform as a valuable marketing tool.

For those who are yet to be swept up in the hype of our radically changing cyber space, the question is not whether they will join the masses, but when.

With around 1.59 billion Facebook users alone and hundreds of social media sites worldwide, it is impossible to deny its prevalence, and increasing dominance and influence in society.

Because of the internet’s immediacy and anonymity, businesses are able to gain a virtually accurate reading of how customers perceive the business.

Social media allows businesses to gain a real understanding of your customers. It is also a great platform to throw out new ideas and see how customers respond. What would they like to see from the company, what would they like to be improved, or abandoned altogether.

LinkedIn is a great business networking site for both communicating with the target market and also seeking prospective staff. This site, which is aimed at business professionals, directs potential customers through their connections with others. Each user compiles a list of connections, which they trust and therefore promote to their own connections.

Businesses can also recruit for prospective staff, or request for referrals through their personal network of professionals on LinkedIn.

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Tips for incorporating career mentoring into your business

Posted on February 28, 2020 by admin

A career mentorship program involves partnerships between employees to develop professional skills and gain industry knowledge. Due to their requirement for a collaborative effort, career mentoring programs are often seen as powerful development tools for cultivating both leaders and employees within a business.

Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporate leader, the implementation of a mentorship program will always be profitable for businesses as not only does it create a harmonious workplace culture, it also helps to attract and retain employees.

As straight-forward as career mentoring sounds, there are a few key tips to keep in mind when building a mentorship program for your business:

Make sure your mentoring program is clearly defined:
To create a successful mentoring program, both mentors and mentees should have a concise understanding of their roles and what they would like to gain from the mentorship. By succinctly outlining the purpose of the mentoring program, mentors and mentees are more likely to keep organised and communicate respectfully with the guarantee of mutual rewards.

There should also be short-term and long-term goals established for all parties involved, including the business. These goals could be the narrowing of particular skill gaps or creating a more open workplace culture. By having these goals set in stone, both mentors and mentees and have a clear direction to work towards.

Personalise the match-making process:
Often times, businesses will match a mentor and mentee together depending on their skill-set and position within the company. While on paper, this may appear to be an efficient process, but the lack of chemistry between a mentor and mentee may prove to be devastating for the workplace environment.

As a result, be sure to involve both mentors and mentees in the match-making process and take into account personality traits. You could do this by asking employees to take a personality test to ensure compatibility in career goals, personal interests and preferred communication methods.

Be involved as a third-party:
Lastly, it is the responsibility of the business to check-in on the progress of mentorship programs in order to understand how mentors and mentees can grow together and what improvements can be made to the program. Remember to always refer back to the long-term goals established and consider the feedback provided by mentors and mentees from the program.

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